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2014 Spring & Fall Lacrosse

KYS lacrosse is for boys age 9 to 14 (excluding high school students). Games and practices will be held at Lakeshore Park on Lyons View. All games (Sat. mornings in the spring and Monday nights in the fall) will be played on Anderson Field and River Field, which are high school-sized baseball fields that have convenient rest rooms.

2014 Spring Lacrosse Season Begins: March 2014

Workout Sessions, Schedule & Equipment
Players will be asked to attend workouts for coaches to evaluate players. Teams will be formed, depending on the number of registrations to provide parity in each league. Players will be required to wear full equipment, including mouth-guards, helmets, cups, pads, and gloves. Boys will play no-body-contact lacrosse. Stick-to-stick contact will be allowed in boys’ leagues.

Season & Fees
The spring season will be from early March to late May and the fall season from early September to late October. Teams will play about 8+ 1-hour games during the season. Teams will be given one additional practice time during the week at the Pool Field at Lakeshore. Fee: $175.

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Q: My son is only 8 years old. Can he still play KYS Lacrosse?
A: Yes, if you think he has the athletic ability and size to do so, it's your choice.

Q: Are KYS Lacrosse players all experienced and have played several years?
A: On the contrary. Whether players are 9 or 14, a high percentage of them are new to the sport.

Q: Who are the coaches in the KYS Lacrosse program?
A: One is a former professional lacrosse player; another is a former high school lacrosse coach; and several are former college or current high school players from around Knoxville.

Q: What is the season for lacrosse?
A: KYS Lacrosse is played in both the spring (Saturday mornings) and in the fall (Monday nights).

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